Chinese Zodiac Legend: The Revolutionary Rat!

The first animal of the zodiac is none other than the revolutionary rat. The rat was the starting roster due to being first to cross the finish line of the great race. The rat in cleverness and sharpened social graces convinced the ox to help the rat across the famous river. At the very last minute, the rat hopped off the ox's head and over the finish line to claim it's fame of first place!

Chinese Zodiac sign the Rat
The Revolutionary Rat

People born in the Year of the Rat use their ingenuity, clever minds, adaptability and social talents to get to where they need to go! They are generally able to build wealth over their lifetime or feel generally comfortable with the financial gains they can accrue.

Ambition drives their need to achieve any of their goals. Rat people are charming, talkative and easily make friends. In social settings they may be a gossip at times. However, they are very private about their own personal life. Rats are loyal to their close friends and they make for devoted parents and children.

Some other highlights of those with rat traits; rats have a tendency to take risks, this can generally mean that they find success in whatever they do. Although, as the saying goes, failure is an important part of success. In order to succeed, you have to be willing to fail sometimes! Rats may be gullible at times too, which leads them towards the dangers of some epic failures. This can dampen the natural optimism or positive nature of the rat, making them mean or miserly over time.

When imbalanced, the rat can come off timid, or they can lose stability and lack concentration to lead confidently. Rats thrive in independent settings more so than in groups, because they feel they can accomplish more on their own. This doesn't preclude the rat from being good at collaborative work. Though leading others may not be a strong suit since the rat feels they work faster alone.


General Characteristic of Rats:

Evolved Traits:

Alert, adaptable, observant, shrewd, clever, intelligent, optimistic, witty, spirited, honest, persevering, resourceful, social,

Imbalanced Traits:

Timid, distracted, miserly, hoarding, stubborn, anxious, irritable, selfish, too serious

The table below describes the rat ruling year, month, day, hour, yin/yang energy type, element and lucky numbers/colours references!

Rat Years:

1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Rat Month:


Rat Day:


Rat Hours:

11:00 PM - 1:00 AM





Lucky Numbers:

2, 3

Lucky Colours:

Blue, Golden, Green

Zodiac Legends table definitions:

Year = your outer animal is the year you were born in, how your life path unfolds and how people perceive you.

Month = Your inner animal is the month you were born in, how you are with only the closest of those around you or characteristics of how your parents are with you.

Day = Your true animal is the day you were born on, who you will grow into as an adult and day to day married or relationship interactions.

Hour = Your secret animal is the time you were born on, who you are at your very core, your truest nature.

Personality by Five Elements: Which Type of 'Rat' Are You?

People born in different years of Rat show varied personal characters because the traditional Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing) will affect the personality.

Year of Birth


Personality Traits

1924, 1984

Wood Rat

Principled, Charming, strong sense of teamwork, virtuous, self confident, insecure

1936, 1996

Fire Rat

Self disciplined, brave, energetic, cordial, friendly, overly strict with themselves

1948, 2008

Earth Rat

Honest, flexible, serious, congenial, modest, strong sense of self-esteem, adaptable, hardworking

1960, 2020

Metal Rat

Smart, talented, hot-tempered, jealous, self aware, likes the spotlight, persuasive

1912, 1972

Water Rat

Alert, intelligent, conservative, wise, talkative, artistic

Celebrity Rats:

Rosa Parks, Richard Nixon, Cristiano Renaldo, Lorde, Eminem, Mark Zuckerberg, Scarlett Johansson, Hailee Steinfeld, William Shakespeare

Best Jobs for Year of the Rat

The acute instinct, sharp observation and alertness are unique in a rat personality. Any work related to thinking, creation, and invention is suitable for people born in the Year of the Rat. In unpredictable situations, they can always show off their quick thinking and ingenuity.

Suitable Jobs:

Play writer, artist, accountant, scholar, commentator, doctor, inventor, reformer, or stock analyst.


The Rat is said to be most compatible with the Ox, the Dragon and the Monkey.

According to the Chinese New Year site, the Rat and the Ox "complement and help one another in both work and life".

Meanwhile, couples that include a Rat and a Dragon are thought to enjoy success together, largely due to them understanding each other well.

Rats are said to be least compatible with the horse, the Goat and the Rabbit.

Stay Legendary!

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