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Why the Cat
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The launch of the first book in its series

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This is a mythic legend from thousands of years ago when two unlikely best friends receive news of a great race. They feel a whirlwind of excitement and prepare for their journey in their own ways.

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However, what they didn't expect, was the rift created in their friendship!

This is a story of excitement, drama and self awareness that arises when conflict presents itself in friendships.​

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Just one of many untold tales of the Chinese Zodiac Legends series. Complete with simple, yet easy to understand lessons in Chinese Astrology for all age groups to enjoy.

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Sample illustrations and story are featured here.​

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There is a tale

I will regale of a 

long time friendship

that ends.

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Cesar cat and Ricky rat were once the best of friends.

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Thanks for checking

out some illustrations!

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