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Why the Cat Chases the Rat

As the launch of the very first book in its series, this is a tale that goes back over thousands of years ago which is focused on the very first animal in the Chinese zodiac. Two unlikely best friends, Ricky Rat and Cesar Cat, both rival species as we perceive them today, receive some news of a great race to participate in. 


They feel the whirlwind of excitement and prepare in their own ways for their journey. Ricky Rat gets busy preparing food for his trip, while Cesar Cat starts out by taking one of his classic cat naps! However, what they didn't expect as part of their journey, was how it would test their friendship and create a conflict between the two species that has lasted throughout the ages! 


This is a story of excitement, drama, and a growing sense of self awareness when conflict presents itself in friendships. Though the two animals still have some kinks to work out today, by understanding Chinese Astrology, as well as themselves and what makes them tick, the special traits that make them who they are, Chinese Astrology is something that anyone can benefit from learning and applying!


This is just one of many of the untold tales of the Chinese Zodiac Legends to come. Complete with simple, yet impactful lessons in Chinese Astrology, which are easy to understand for all ages.

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